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About Us

  • Gushan District Public Health Center,  Kaoshiung City

    Historical evolution

    Based on the believe of professional innovation to generate efficient team spirit, carry out epidemic control, immunization and guidance to reduce the infectious disease from happening. Promote maternity and child hygiene, eugenic health care, preschool children early stage education, oral cavity and eyesight health care, precise supernatural hygiene and first aid education to promote health. Also, strengthen high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol examine, handle various cancer prevention, such as breast cancer, cervix cancer, oral cancer, etc.   Reduce the health threat of chronic diseases. To handle produce hygiene, commerce hygiene, work hygiene, smoking damage prevention, and hygiene education.   Promote health industry's excellent service standard, strengthen the hospital clinic, medicine pharmacist and cosmetics management to safeguarding the healthy of our citizens. Forming the volunteer team to help promoting community hygiene and health care, strengthen the understanding of self-management to improve health idea and techniques to build a healthy community.